Why #TimetoTalk Day isn’t for everyone…

People are tired of the monotony of living with mental health issues, when no amount of talking feels like it ever gets them anywhere.

People are frustrated with waiting lists, cuts to services, and postcode lotteries, when we are told that early intervention is key but also non-existent.

People are angry at constantly broken promises, extra funds being dangled like carrots that disappear in front of our eyes because they are never ring-fenced.

People are scared that at a time when more mental health treatment is needed, the NHS is on its knees and it is the overworked, underpaid nurses that need anti-depressants.Ā  Continue reading


Mental Health Awareness Day 2017

With awareness and rising numbers of people asking for help with their mental health comes the need for services and treatment that is available and affordable – and that is desperately lacking and showing no signs of improving.Ā  Continue reading

News reports on Anorexia can do more harm than good…

Imagine you’re a freelance journalist who’s been asked to write up a report on a disease you have no experience of, or know only a limited amount about. Whether it’s a rare form of cancer or type 1 diabetes, what … Continue reading


The Five Best and Worst Things about #WorldMentalHealthDay

I, and many people I have communicated with through social media, have very mixed feelings towards this day and other similar ‘Awareness Days’. So I thought I’d list a few things, because… well, balance. Continue reading


PJs, Cheat Days & Me

This isn’t a debate about obesity or exercise, it’s about people being free to enjoy themselves and eat what they want without being plagued by society’s warped idea of what is right or wrong. Continue reading


The ‘anorexic voice’ has an answer to everything.

“As with any illness, every person’s experience of it is different, as are the coping mechanisms we adopt to deal with the feelings that surround it, but one thing remains the same – that however it manifests itself, the ‘anorexic voice’ has an answer to everything. ” Continue reading


We need to talk about functioning eating disorders

Most people with eating disorders sit between the extremes and have to live and survive in a society which itself has an unhealthy obsession with weight and image… Continue reading


David Bowie – Why I’m Sad

I’m not his biggest fan I never even saw him live He wouldn’t be my specialist subject on Mastermind But I’m allowed to be sad, and so are you. It’s ok to be sad and nobody should ever feel that … Continue reading


No-one in this country “committed suicide since 1961”

“No-one in this country “committed suicide” since 1961 – that’s when suicide stopped being a crime.” Continue reading


Can we stop genderising mental health please?

Boys don’t cry… but loads of women are sad, scared and suicidal too. Continue reading


‘Diet Pill Deaths’ won’t end any time soon…

The truth is that in some, if not many cases, there is a calculated risk involved when it comes to taking diet pills or supplements purchased over the internet. We shouldn’t be worrying so much about the name of the chemical, but addressing what it is that drives people to become desperate enough to take pills without even knowing what’s in them. Continue reading


Why I’m (still) fundraising for Mind…

Everybody deserves to have a voice and everybody deserves to be listened to. Continue reading