News reports on Anorexia can do more harm than good…

Imagine you’re a freelance journalist who’s been asked to write up a report on a disease you have no experience of, or know only a limited amount about. Whether it’s a rare form of cancer or type 1 diabetes, what … Continue reading


PJs, Cheat Days & Me

This isn’t a debate about obesity or exercise, it’s about people being free to enjoy themselves and eat what they want without being plagued by society’s warped idea of what is right or wrong. Continue reading

The ‘anorexic voice’ has an answer to everything.

“As with any illness, every person’s experience of it is different, as are the coping mechanisms we adopt to deal with the feelings that surround it, but one thing remains the same – that however it manifests itself, the ‘anorexic voice’ has an answer to everything. ” Continue reading


We need to talk about functioning eating disorders

Most people with eating disorders sit between the extremes and have to live and survive in a society which itself has an unhealthy obsession with weight and image… Continue reading


Anorexia is a lot of things. Narcissistic isn’t one of those things.

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate amongst mental illnesses. It is a slow suicide, and ending up in a coffin really isn’t a good look. Continue reading