Mental Health Cop

I am nothing short of absolutely gutted and profoundly upset to learn an hour ago, that Liv Pontin died earlier today. @Liv1204, as she was known on Twitter, was a kind and gentle young woman of considerable insight and passion, who had recently started working for Northamptonshire Police in a roll that allowed her to give expression to her deep experience of being policed whilst living with mental illness. She helped make policing better and I’m so very sad she won’t be able to help make us better still. I’m also so glad I noticed on Twitter that it was her birthday in April and said, “Happy Birthday, Liv! – keep chipping away. You not only make a difference: you ARE the difference.” I hope she felt the gratitude that was evidently abundant.

I first ‘met’ Liv on Twitter – she would often respond to articles and discussions I was…

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